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Jetstream  - Acoustic Jazz Instrumental

Running Girl

Down the Road

April Sun

Time To Go

Speak To Me

Cool Summer Night - Electronic Jazz

Little Drummer Boy - Electronic


Guitar Maker’s Show

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A Northern Minnesota gathering of guitar makers - luthiers and musicians occurs every summer near Woman Lake, MN. I've gone 4 times and wrote a song about the adventure. It's a very unique gathering of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds - that makes it a very interesting weekend! I've developed some great friends from this gathering called "Stringfest" and this song gives you a feel for how it has impressed me.


Lift Me Higher Again

A guitar and a song can lift me out of about anything.

Calling Out Your Name

I've always loved this song written by the late Rich Mullins. I think it captures the majesty and beauty of creation through music and lyrics. I can imagine Rich being inspired to write this while witnessing a huge thunder storm.


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